About Us

The Cool Nights Big Band is a local Big Band that began in Toowoomba in 2006. The band started with a basic idea to be an independent Big Band in Toowoomba, and create a platform for the city’s musicians to play with their peers, something the town had previously lacked. Now, the band plays regular gigs, from major shows with many of Australia‚Äôs leading musicians to embarking on tours, the band is always busy and striving to reach its goals. Big bands, or stage bands as they are also known, perform a style of music that is a derivative of the Jazz Era. Current big bands such as Cool Nights still play Jazz, but their music has evolved through the inclusion of modern idioms such as Pop, Rock, Latin and Swing.
The band has played with Australian musicians such as Deni Hines, George Golla, Emma Dean, Ralph Pyl, John Zappia, Malcome Wood, Craig Atkinson (the Ten Tenors), Ross Irwin (The Cat Empire) and many more!
Cool Nights continues to support young emerging talent in Toowoomba and surrounds and the band receives numerous calls each week by people wanting to play in the band. Members of the community are very welcome to audition to be in the band at any time.